Roads No Longer Frozen in Zone 2

Publish Date: 
February 29, 2012

Zone 2 roads in the Green Bay area are beginning to show signs of thawing. And Marinette county is going to begin posting roadways next week. Therefore we are declaring that the roadways in zone 2 are no longer frozen. So we are suspending the frozen road declaration in zone 2 effective Friday, March 2 at 12:01 AM.

Spring Thaw restrictions and class II restrictions will not go immediately into effect but will most likely occur next week.

I will be updating the weight restriction web pages throughout the day and into tomorrow.

Zone 2 (North Central Zone) Extends south from the southern limit of Zone 1 to and including a line defined by US Highway 10, south on State Highway 73, east on State Highway 54, north on Interstate 39, and east on US Highway 10. (Including highways 10, 39, 54, and 73)

Michael D. Sproul, P.E.
WisDOT Winter Maintenance Engineer
608-266-8680 (office)
608-267-7856 (fax)

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