GLTPA's Schienebeck named Chaiman for WI Governors Council on Forestry

Publish Date: 
December 1, 2011
Schienebeck (standing) at the 2011 National Forest Conference in Rhinelander, WI

Henry Schienebeck, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Timber Professional Association (GLTPA), was recently appointed Chairman of the Governor’s Council on Forestry. In past conversations and correspondence with the Chief State Forester and DNR leadership it has been the position of the GLTPA that industry needs to be more directly involved in policy development as documents are being prepared for public input. The function of policy development was typically done by the Forestry leadership Team (FLT) and then submitted to its partners (GLTPA and others) for tweaking. GLTPA has been proponents of changing the Forestry Leadership Team to include industry, however the FLT serves other functions within the department such as staffing issues, that may not be best dealt with in open meetings.

Under the past leadership of Fred Souba the council was headed in the direction of giving more direct guidance to the department in a leadership role and we will continue down that path. Industry has many experts within its own ranks and it is our vision to utilize our experts as part of the council directly or on subcommittees in a coordinated effort with the department to develop future guidelines. 

Schienebeck explains his approach on the leadership role. "Picture if you will three circles that intersect in the middle. One circle is economy, another is social and another is ecological. The point at which the circles intersect is known as the sweet spot and will be home for the COF to make sure balance is reached and maintained."


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