TPA Magazine

TPA Magazine: Great Lakes

The Great Lakes TPA has been a well-known publication in the timber industry for almost 65 years. As their official publication, the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association (GLTPA) publishes this magazine. The Great Lakes TPA supports GLTPA members in Wisconsin and Michigan. It focuses on forest consumers as well as the industry. This publication provides education and information about sustainable forestry. It aims to inspire pride in manufacturers, operators and transporters as well as foresters.

The Great Lakes TPA addresses all aspects of promoting forest products. This includes encouraging the wise management of forest lands, supporting or opposing legislation that is in the industry’s best interest, keeping readers informed about wood utilization, markets and modern equipment, as well as providing a way to communicate and exchange information between members of the forest products sector and promoting the usage of forest products.

The Great Lakes TPA is an 72-page color journal with a monthly circulation of 2,500.

TPA issues in the Great Lakes include:

Updates on Wisconsin legislation and Michigan legislation; message from truckers Safety articles, Children’s Miracle Network stories President’s messages and Executive Director’s messages; Workshops for Educational Training; Financial Information; Report Michigan; Features of GLTPA members: GLTPA Members Updates on Biomass and Master Loggers. The Logging Congress Snip feature is a product showcase. This is a TPA article; It contains articles of interest; New Products, What’s New; News About People; Classified ads for the wood sector and many other features.

Readers of The Great Lakes TPA

  • * Lumber companies
  • * Woodworking plants
  • * Forest Products Transporters
  • * State Conservation Departments
  • * State and County Forestry Departments
  • * U.S. Forest Experimental Stations
  • * Wood Products Industry Services
  • * Private Forest Woodlands
  • * Forestry Colleges