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GLTPA President, Denny Olson


GLTPA Launches Updated Website

The Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association is proud to unveil a new and improved member service via the association website, Over the past few months, GLTPA Project Manager Linda Lau and Event Coordinator Aaron Nieman, under the direction of the Communications Committee, have teamed up with Point One Media to create a compelling site design that stood out amongst forestry websites. The new website called for three distinct areas: one for the association itself, one for the Great Lakes TPA Magazine information, and one for the annual logging expo, The Lake State Logging Congress. A meetings and events section and an industry news section have been incorporated into the design and both appear on the homepage. Along with these new sections, the GLTPA Staff now has full access to update any section of its website so that it may remain at the forefront of its industry and better serve its membership.

Our original goal for the new website was to have our staff be able to update and keep current the information on Logging Congress and other association business. Like many of the 26 board members, I am not computer savvy, but we do understand we have entered a new information age which travels at the speed of light. I can tell you that we (GLTPA) are totally blessed to have such an awesome staff like Aaron and Linda to be able to work with such a fine company as Point One to move GLTPA into the information age. Combined with the efforts of Point One Media, Linda and Aaron have the vision to see where this takes the GLTPA and the Board is buying into and excited about the opportunities the new website offers.
Although there are several benefits to the new website, perhaps the main one is being able to have a large viewership to read our message that forestry is good for everyone.

The public needs to know that “GLTPA is an organization of professionals committed to productive, sustainable, healthy forests. We promote freedom and profitability through education, advocacy, and member services.”
My first reaction to the website was how easy it is to navigate, which is useful to someone who doesn’t spend much time on the internet.

According to Executive Director Henry Schienebeck, “From a Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association point of view, Point One Media continues to over-deliver in every aspect of their commitment to produce and maintain the new GLTPA website. The Point One staff was as excited to be working on our project as we were and that is consistently reflected in the quality of their work and eagerness to meet the needs of the association. To have someone as excited for a project as the customer is a rare quality in these days.”

The Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association's Board of Directors, members, exhibitors and advertisers are now equipped with a highly functional, custom-designed website to provide visitors with the type of content they are searching for online. Staff can keep a better eye on how its online presence is serving the association. Members of the GLTPA now enjoy enhanced exposure, while the general public gets current updates from the region's constantly evolving forestry industry.

Denny Olson
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Denny Olson serves on the board of the Michigan Association of Timbermen (MAT) and is the President of the Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association (GLTPA) of Wisconsin and Michigan. Denny is also the Breitung, Michigan Township Supervisor and has been serving on the board of the Michigan Townships Association for the past six years. He is also one of the founding board members of the Michigan Forest Resource Alliance. Denny’s operation, Denny Olson Trucking, is located in Quinnesec, MI. For more information contact Denny at 906-563-8181.