Great Lakes Logging & Heavy Equipment Expo


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The Great Lakes Logging & Heavy Equipment Expo is a 2-day expo that takes place in September throughout the Lake States region of the United States.

2015 Expo will be held in Escanaba, MI

ing the  Loggin  The Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association Presents:
Great Lake Logging & Heavy Equipment Expo
—An Annual Event For Over 65 Years

Over 200 indoor and outdoor exhibitors attend each year to showcase the best of the best when it comes to Log Splitters, Portable Sawmills, Compact Tractors & Logging Equipment, Implements, Chainsaw Carving, Wood/Pellet Stove Dealers and much, much more. The first expo, previously called Logging Congress, occurred on November 1 & 2, 1945 in Houghton, Michigan, and in 1948 the Congress began the practice of adding different locations to encourage greater exposure and participation. Now it its 68th year, the Logging & Heavy Equipment Expo events have been known to attract over 300 booth set-ups, 3,500 attendees daily, and cover 875,000 square feet.

Why Exhibit or Attend?

  • To display and promote all products used in the timber harvesting and construction industry.
  • To portray through demonstrations and exhibits the rapid change in technology created for wood products and the construction industry.
  • To demonstrate to visitors from around the world the importance of the forestry community in a global economy.
  • To enable the producer, trucker and sawmill the opportunity to analyze and compare, all at one location, the various products which are essential to the industry and their business.
  • To provide an opportunity for Association members and other industry leaders to exchange thoughts and ideas about all  phases of the timber and construction industry.
  • To publicize the fact that more work, more jobs, and more stable outlook for long range development and expansion is a direct reflection of the forest and construction industry.


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